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To apply for a ground access licence you must be a registered service provider under the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016. Further information can be found on the Point to Point Transport Commissioner website

The access licence provides the holder with the following benefits:

  1. Non-exclusive access to a holding area that is reserved for holders of access licences
  2. Two (2) hours free parking in our Long Stay Saver Car Park per day; and
  3. Non-exclusive access to designated pick up and/or drop off areas in order to conduct a commercial transport activity.

All shuttle bus, hire car, limousine companies or any other commercial transport providers who conduct services to or from the airport must hold a site access licence.

To apply for a site access licence, download the application form below:

Site access licence application form

You can download a SAMPLE copy of the licence below:

Newcastle Airport Pty Limited site access licence 2018


The pick up and drop off areas are highlighted on the map which can be downloaded here.

The pick up and drop off areas may be subject to change with the terminal expansion project. We will keep you updated on any changes that occur.

No. The two hours free parking is a per day item. The cards to access the car park will function on a date basis. You will receive the two hours parking, to be used as suits your pick-up purposes. Any unused parking hours do not transfer to the next day. Any extended usage will require normal payment.

A licence is required for all vehicles accessing the airport. 

The length of the licence is 12 months. Once you complete an application form and it is accepted, a ground access licence will be issued to you for signing and be executed by our team. The annual licence fee will be invoiced for payment. Once the licence has been paid for, you can then commence pick up and drop offs from Newcastle Airport.

The charge of $330 for one vehicle equates to a charge of $0.90 cents per day. An amount that is cheaper than utilising the car park every time you access the site.

If you are operating a commercial business with operations to or from Newcastle Airport you are required to have a ground access licence. 

An access licence will give you the right to pick-up or drop-off from the designated areas at the front of the terminal. 

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