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How to connect

  • Activate wi-fi on your device.
  • Select 'Free Newcastle Airport wi-fi'' (from the list of available wi-fi network).
  • Your default web browser should automatically open once you’re connected. If it doesn’t then open your preferred web browser on your device.
  • On the login page select one of the social media icons or the form, then enter your name, postcode and email - click the 'Connect' button.
  • Review and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • You will automatically be redirected to the Newcastle Airport homepage. You are now connected to the wi-fi and can use the internet!


We don’t anticipate you having any problems connecting to the network, but if you do, we recommend:

  • Reboot your device.
  • Check you have the latest version of the operating system on your mobile device (refer to your operating manual for instructions on how to update your device).
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache (browsing history).
  • Turn ON cookies.
  • Turn OFF private browsing.
  • Set your IP address to automatic.
  • Close unnecessary applications to free mobile device memory.
  • Disable data service (eg GPRS or 3G) to avoid a roaming service fee.
  • Select ‘Free Newcastle Airport wi-fi’ as your connection network.
  • Launch an internet browser and enter any valid website address to use the wi-fi.
  • Disconnect your device from the wi-fi network after use.

Frequently asked questions about our free wi-fi

Our wi-fi will only work if you have followed the steps outlined above. Please check you haven’t missed anything.

Newcastle Airport does not permit the wi-fi to be used to access some sites (such as explicit or illegal sites) and has blocked access to these sites. If you are trying to access web pages that do not fit within these categories, please contact us.

Please contact us or find one of our friendly Ambassadors located throughout the terminal (dressed in teal uniforms).

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